Name Mr. Justus Kiambi Ariithi

The Clerk of the Assembly is the administrative and the chief accounting officer  of the Assembly and oversees the day to day operations and affairs of the Assembly. The Clerk is assisted by the Deputy Clerk and County Assembly Service staff.

Roles and Functions of the Clerk of the County Assembly

The Clerk of the Assembly shall have the following duties and responsibilities.

1. Assist the Speaker and Members of the Assembly to organize the order of business including providing advice on Assembly  Procedures.

2. Assist the Speaker to run the Assembly proceedings including having thorough knowledge of the rules of the Assembly and tabling all documents presented to the Assembly.

3. Drafting private members bills and amendments.

4. Certifying the passage of bills through the Assembly.

5. Pursuant to section 12 (1) of the County Governments Act 2012,The Clerk of the County Assembly is the secretary of the County Assembly Service Board.

6. Accounting officer of the County Assembly.

7. Assisting with ceremonial occasions, such as the opening of Assembly and is required tom swear an oath of allegiance administered by the Speaker of the Assembly to new Members of County Assembly.